Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 24 recap and highlights

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Here's a spoiler filled preview of tonight's penultimate Celebrity Big Brother UK highlights.

It's Day 24 and as it dawns on Housemates that this is the last eviction before the final, Housemates discuss how they are feeling. Edele admits to Gary that her mind was ‘racing’ last night and didn’t get much sleep due to the pending eviction.

As this is bought to everyone’s attention, a goose flies over the house which gets everyone excited. Audley comments that is ‘very symbolic.’ Gary later questions Audley on how it is symbolic and Audley replies: ‘It must mean something’. Gary confesses the goose represents ‘staying power.’

Ricci is choosing his eviction outfit and Lauren asks him if he’s nervous, he replies: ‘No not at all, whatever happens, happens.’ He adds that Lauren is the only thing that makes him nervous.

Gary is talking to Big Brother saying he is going to be in the final, adding that he feels ‘very good, prosperous and truthful about being here’. Gary then says: ‘The two people who are saying I’m rude are the two rudest people in the house...why are they so afraid of me I’m just a kid from Texas.’

Today’s task is called “Game Players” putting housemates to the test to find out who is the biggest game player. The Housemates are split into a red and blue team. The red team consists of Audley, Lauren, Gary and George and the blue of Dee, James, Edele and Ricci.

The first round is called “Who are they nominating?’ where both teams view Housemates nomination videos and have to guess who they nominated in the clip.

First is James nomination for Lauren which Housemates guess correctly. James defends himself saying: ‘You’re very different when you drink alcohol”. This causes Audley to say that so does James and many other people in the house. Edele says to Audley: ‘Why do you have to stick up for Lauren every time?’

The second nomination video is Audley who nominated Dee. They guess this correctly. Dee takes offense to the nomination saying: ‘There’s a difference in voting tactically and sticking your head up someone’s ar*e”

The third video is Edele nominating Audley which they again guess correctly. Audley says “I noticed on nomination day, a change in her”

Next is Audley nominating George saying he hasn’t ‘earned his stripes yet.’ The blue team guess this correctly and James adds that Audley and Lauren are ‘the two people who are trying to get close to Gary.’ Lauren defensively points out that she has ‘never had one row with Gary.’ This is the end of the first round and each team has two points.

The second round of Game Players is ‘Who said what?’ where Housemates must guess correctly who said each quote.

The first question is who said ‘my wife would never act like Lauren’ and George guesses correctly that it was James.

The second question is who said ‘Lauren has used Ricci for a showmance’ and Lauren pushes the buzzer to guess James but the correct answer was Ricci which Lauren seems shocked about.

The final question is James saying ‘The Hollywood legend is a complete and utter ar*ehole’ and the Housemates guess correctly this was about Gary.

The final round is a poll made up of 13,000 viewers; Housemates must guess correctly what they thought.

The first question is ‘which housemates most wants’ to win’. Dee says Gary which is incorrect but Audley guesses correctly that it is James.

The second question was ‘who is the most attractive housemate’, Housemates guessed incorrectly twice by saying Ricci and Lauren as it was actually Audley.

Next was ‘which housemate do the viewers think is the most talented’ Lauren guesses this correctly saying Gary.

Next is ‘who is the most boring’, the Housemates guess this wrong twice with Edele and Audley as it is actually Ricci.

The next question is ‘who has the biggest ego’. James got this correct as he answered himself.

This leaves the blue team one point behind before the final question ‘which housemate do viewers think is the biggest player’, James says George which is incorrect, Audley also gets it incorrect saying Dee as it is in fact James.

The winning team is the red team.

Housemates are preparing for the eviction and Lauren notes to Audley that Ricci doesn’t offer to help her pack her suitcase anymore, she says: ‘Funny how times change.’

Housemates are gathered on the sofas and it is revealed that two Housemates with the fewest votes are Ricci and Lauren who leave the house immediately and in a surprise twist – together!

Dee and James talk about Gary saying: ‘He’s got no respect.’ Dee comments that the boos Gary received may be from the rest of the Housemates’ family and friends.

Dee talks to Big Brother about Lauren and Ricci’s departure, saying: ‘I can’t believe it, they're amazing kids...they’re going to go out and get totally smashed.’ Dee then goes on to say Gary is like the ‘oracle’ with his predictions of who is going to go next.

Gary says to Edele that he knew he would be in the final because of ‘what I’ve been through.’ Gary then talks about other Housemates, pronouncing that rude stands for ‘riding upon defaming energy.’

The Housemates are gathered on the sofa and Big Brother announces they are all Celebrity Big Brother finalists and they clap and cheer. James says to an emotional Dee: ‘Benefits Street to here, look at you!’

The Housemates are in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about their time in the house, the moment is then ruined as there is an outbreak of bickering between Dee and Gary. Housemates finally describe their experience by listing words such as “unbelievable, unpredictable...” The scene ends with them all dancing to ‘I Did it My Way’ by Frank Sinatra.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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