Celebrity Big Brother 2014 final: James Jordan is NOT happy Gary Busey's still in

Strictly dancer also wants Audley out

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

James Jordan isn't happy with not having his way going into the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 final.

Last night Ricci and Lauren were both booed out of the house, leaving James, Dee Kelly, Gary Busey, Audley Harrison, George Gilbey and Edele Lynch ahead of tomorrow night's final.

Speaking after yesterday evening's latest live show, James sighed: "It's almost perfection, just little Ricci, I'd have loved Steph here too... Ricci and Steph instead of Audley and... would've been my perfect final.."

"I can't believe Gary," Dee replied, "He started digging me with his elbow in that Diary Room [where the final six all spoke to Big Brother together.]."

James suggested: "He's used to being in that Diary Room and it being all about him.

"He got booed tonight, first time.

"He slags off the British public and then expects you vote for him."

Dee added: "I can't believe it James, I just can not believe it. "

James went on: "I know I'm controversial and outspoken but there's obviously a lot of people out there who sit at home at go 'At least he's f**king honest'"

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