Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates get 'Game Players' task

game players task cbb

The remaining Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates will take on a quiz show called Game Players for today's task.

And it seems like just an excuse for Big Brother to cause trouble.

Yesterday, viewers got the chance to give their views on the housemates in a survey on the Channel5.com website.

The questions included ‘Who is the Alpha Male of the house’, ‘Who is the most attractive?’, ‘Who is the Most Cringy’ and ‘Who is the most boring’.

Others tricky topics saw BB asking whether it’s Lauren or Ricci who’s more guilty of trying to create a showmance and if it’s Gary or really James who has the worst manners.

Now the housemates will hear the feedback.

The remaining group have been split into teams who will go head to head as they try to figure out just what the viewers think of them.

They'll need to correctly guess what answers the public gave to the questions in order for their team to come out on top.

But if that wasn't enough BB stirring, the Game Player task will also see nominations played back to the house.

The teams will then have to try and correctly identify who nominated who during Sunday's final round of nominations, which resulted in all of the housemates facing eviction.

The task and inevitable fallout will air on Thursday night's highlights show on Channel 5.

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