Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 23 recap and highlights

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Here's a recap of what happened in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house yesterday with a spoiler filled preview of tonight's highlights.

It's Day 23 and Edele, James and George are in the kitchen talking about Lauren and Ricci and the situation that happened last night.

James says he feels sorry for Ricci but George defends Lauren saying she admitted from the start she didn’t like him. Edele explains that Lauren was emotional last night and says “You know what Lauren’s like when she’s had a drink though...she has to say what she’s feeling”.

James admits “she’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the box however she’s very well media trained...she knows how to create a story” and adds Ricci isn’t playing a game like Lauren is.

In the garden, Lauren and Ricci discuss last night and Lauren says: “I don’t want to row with you, I’m sorry”. Ricci agrees and says he knows when Lauren is drunk because of her eyes.

In the bedroom James and Ricci tickle Dee on the bed, everyone then turns on Ricci and tickles him and Gary comes in joins in.

Housemates are in the garden describing their experience in the house as “surreal…amazing…controversial…so many different emotions”. As James is explaining this talking to Gary, Edele and George are also talking loudly next to them and Gary cannot hear.

Dee asks them to be quiet so that Gary can understand James but this causes Gary to say: “that’s their hobby to be very loud”.

Edele takes offense to this and replies: “Don’t you dare brand me as rude” and explains she was only talking to her friend.

Gary explains to her why he made the comment but again tries to silence Edele who replies: “Ask me not to talk. Don’t tell me not to talk”.

James jokingly tells Gary “fuck them” which riles Edele even more who says she is taking the situation seriously.

Edele tries to continue talking to Gary and apologises, demanding the same back, Gary rudely says “I apologise…see ya” which leaves Edele looking shocked.

Edele cries in the bedroom. George walks in and tries to comfort her. Edele explains that the situation was “frustrating” and explains “he thinks he’s right all the f*$king time”.

George agrees and explains that he’s been there before with Gary but doesn’t act on it anymore because he’s “in fear of being branded for something that I’m not”.

Gary comes in to apologise, but Edele walks out, leaving Gary and George in the bedroom. George tries to explain to Gary why he has made Edele upset and admits “sometimes I find you intolerable…you took it one step further”.

George says to Gary they should just try and have fun as it’s the last week but says he’s “fed up” and not going to keep trying to explain to him why he is rude. Gary wants to discuss the matter further but George just tells him to “have a good night” and walks out of the bedroom.

In the kitchen a couple of the housemates huddle around an emotional Edele, she explains it has just been an emotional week and James puts it down to a build-up of emotions. Lauren advises her to not let it get to her.

In the bedroom James is trying to explain to Gary why people think he’s rude – Gary thinks James is wrong. Audley doesn’t share James’s sentiment. James leaves the room commenting that Gary should listen to Audley as he knows best. Audley continues to explain to Gary that people don’t like it when he shuts them down by holding his hand out in their face but Gary explains that it’s just because he can’t hear.

A bit later on Edele hugs Gary in the kitchen to smooth things over. Gary apologises too saying, “I’m a little blunt... sorry I hurt your feelings”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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