Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Gary Busey's girlfriend slams Dee Kelly!

DEE 19

Gary Busey's girlfriend has hit out at Celebrity Big Brother 2014's Dee Kelly.

It follows last night's highlights show which saw a bit of an issue in the house between Dee and Gary's other half, Steffanie Sampson.

Even though she's not in the house.

In the letters from home, Steffanie - who has a son with Gary - wrote: "You have surpassed all your expectations from others despite negativity coming towards to.

"Don't let anyone's inability to understand you and what you've been through get you upset.

"You're a very bright light in an otherwise dim house. You're the only one who has not spoken an unkind word about anyone and that speaks volumes of you you are and where you've been. "

Dee seemed to take these remarks to heart, perhaps given her recent row with Gary, and branded Stephanie's girlfriend a "cheeky bitch".

She added: "I'd like to say lots to her when I come out... his wife's full of s**t."

Taking to Twitter to hit back this morning, Steffanie compared Dee to singer Meafloaf.

She said: "I love being called a cheeky bi**h by the female version of Meatloaf I guess you don't have to actually be in the BB house to get insults- SSB"

Tonight sees Dee, Gary and all of the remaining housemates facing the last eviction of the series, with two leaving ahead of Friday's finale.

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