Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 22 recap and highlights

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Here's the latest recap of goings on in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house.

It's Day 22 and it’s the day after the explosive row between Gary and Dee and there’s an awkward atmosphere in the house.

Edele and Lauren agree that the rowing pair need a bit of time and space to get over it. Edele says: ‘I’m sure they’ll get to the point where they’ll be civil.’

Audley talks to Big Brother about Gary and says that he is surprised that there isn’t more empathy for him in the house.

Dee and James talk about nominations and Dee says: ‘Everyone should be up.’ James doesn’t think that everyone deserves to be in the house and says: ‘The Hollywood legend is a complete and utter ar*ehole.’

Edele tells Audley that it’s her daughter’s third birthday.

Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas and tells them that the viewers have been voting to decide who should receive a letter from home. They chose Edele. Although Edele will receive her letter from home she has to choose between Gary and George as to who receives theirs and she chooses Gary. Gary is given then given the choice between Dee and Audley and he picks Audley. Audley is given a choice between Lauren, James and Ricci and he chooses James. They are told they will receive their letter later on in the day.

George predicts his letter would have been a ‘bollocking.’ He thinks he would have been told off for smoking, being rude to old men and hanging around ‘with that d*ckhead.’

Gary has a chat with himself in the bedroom about his lives on different planes of existence.

Gary is talking to James and Dee in the garden and says that saying he wasn’t selfish and doesn’t feel fear was just ‘armour.’ Dee tells Gary that it is surreal for her to be sitting with him and that he is a screen legend and she thought he was going to be a perfect person in real life, Gary shouts: ‘No!’ Dee says that it has been an eye-opener for her that on screen he is doing his job and that’s not the real Gary.

It’s time for the chosen Housemates to receive their letters from home. George reads Edele’s from her twin sister. Dee reads Gary’s one from his wife. Lauren reads Audley’s and then Ricci reads James’ from his wife. Ricci seems nearly as upset reading James’ letter than James is hearing it. James is very upset and has to go to the toilet.

Dee comforts James and he says: ‘I needed that letter so much.’

Gary says about the letters saying that such small things ‘can be so big in your heart.’

Ricci tells Lauren that being in the house has been a good experience but ‘mentally draining.’ Lauren tells Ricci that she would rather be alone than be in a group of people that aren’t real, she says: ‘I’d rather stand solo than be something I ain’t.’ Dee comes over and Lauren tells her that she is going to make a film about being in Big Brother.

Ricci asks Lauren what she meant about not wanting to be in a group of people who aren’t real. He accuses her of meaning him. George, Edele and James all leave as the conversation is ‘too deep’ for them. Lauren tells Ricci he will be her friend for life. Edele says: ‘It’s a conversation about nothing’ and calls the pair of them paranoid.

Edele reads her letter again in the bedroom and tells Audley that as long as they have been in the house and with everything that’s happened it’s nice to know ‘it all makes sense out there.’

Ricci and Lauren are now in the garden and Ricci is saying that he was a bit upset with her for siding with Gary instead of Dee, as Dee has been there for them both. Lauren tells Ricci that she feels that sometimes he hasn’t been totally on her side and Ricci says: ‘I’ve been there for you through thick and thin!’ Lauren tells him: ‘We’ll never be anything more than friends.’ Ricci has heard enough and walks off saying: ‘You spoke the truth - so sweet.’

Ricci goes into the bedroom and George and Edele, who are having a cuddle in bed, ask him if he’s OK. Ricci says that Lauren could have told him that they were just going be friends from day one instead of ‘wasting people’s time.’

Lauren talks to Edele in bed and tells her she doesn’t feel she has anyone to talk to. Edele says: ‘I don’t want you to feel like that.’ James is annoyed with the noise and tells them to take their discussion into the garden.

In the garden, Lauren tells Edele that she is still in love with her ex boyfriend. She says: “I thought I was over it but I’m not.’

Ricci tells James: ‘I feel like I’ve been used.’ James replies: ‘You can do a lot better.’

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