Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Ricci Guarnaccio claims Lauren Goodger led him on!


Ricci Guarnaccio has claimed that Lauren Goodger led him on in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house.

The pair's flop showmance never really got off the ground, and now Ricci reckons Lauren's to blame.

He told the other housemates that Lauren should've told him she didn't have any feelings for him from the start.

Relaying a chat he had with Lauren to Edele Lynch and George Gilbey, Ricci said: "She's like 'We're not going to be any more than friends after this.'

"That's sound [but] why didn't you say it from day one instead of wasting my time?"

Ricci was clearly not in a "sound" mood despite insisting: "I'm absolutely sound," adding, "apparently, I haven't stood up for her in the past."

Moments later and Lauren walked into the bedroom prompting a rather awkward silence to fall.

Big Brother fortunately broke it up as they turned off the lights and lowered the shutters.

Speaking to Edele and George to give her side of the story, Lauren said: "It's not even funny, sometimes I feel things and i have to talk about it, and i feel out of order for saying it, but I have to say out of feel."

CBB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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