Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 21 recap and highlights


Here's a recap of all the house action from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother highlights.

It's Day 21 and Audley and George discuss Lauren’s antics from last night. George maintains that Lauren isn’t “a bad girl” and he was only trying to help her. Audley observes that she only acts in that way when she drinks.

Lauren talks to Dee by the pool and says she remembers it “kicking off” last night but doesn’t understand why. Lauren recalls George “having a go” at her but Dee questions whether Lauren had said “something horrible” to him. Lauren maintains that she gets things written about her all the time and that it wouldn’t be as harsh for George, as he is a man. Dee then suggests that “When you’ve had a drink; the more you try to explain yourself, the more you dig yourself a hole”

In the garden, Audley is feeling philosophical and gives himself a pep talk saying, “Life is good. Life is wonderful. Life is what you make it.”

Gary tells Edele that “the other house guests fear me winning” Edele agrees that he has “a good chance” of winning

The Housemates start to nominate for the final time.

In the garden, James tells the other Housemates about his conversation with Big Brother and not being able to change his reasons for nominating. Dee says people shouldn’t take nominations personally at which point Gary laughs and states he doesn’t. Dee objects and says “You’ve taken them personally every time you’ve been nominated!” Gary tries to settle the argument saying “Time out...I don’t want to argue” but Dee is determined to prove her point. In doing so, she gets frustrated with Gary and shouts at Gary “Stop interrupting me” Gary tries, without luck, to respond and says, “This is a one sided hate affair that’s going nowhere”

Later in the evening, James tells Lauren that he loves her despite their differences. Lauren says that she would love to see all the Housemates once she leaves, and hugs and kisses James, in a platonic fashion. After an awkward silence, Lauren observes that “there isn’t a bad person in this House”. James, impersonating Gary, says “I’ve been around the world 36 times and I’m telling you that from my heart”. Gary talks to James about his film career and puts his hand out to him to silence James when he interrupts. James gets annoyed and says, “Don’t do that Gary! I’m telling you now…The British Public will get you eventually, they’re not stupid...” Gary accepts this “with love and understanding” and turns to Dee and says that James is “projecting on to me the feelings he has about himself”

Ricci is talking to James about what Lauren said to him and states “I’ve been there for you since day one Lauren. Stop f**king talking *h*t.” Ricci explains he feels Lauren is making him “look bad” by calling him aggressive but James concludes it is because she has been drinking.

Edele advises Gary to keep out of Dee’s way and not antagonise her. Meanwhile, Dee explains to Ricci that she wants to leave and questions whether she is in the House for the “right reasons” Ricci advises her to enjoy the rest of her stay in the House and “stop worrying about people who are not going to care about you in the outside world” Gary then comes into the garden but Edele suggests that he shouldn’t sit near Dee tonight. Gary notes that there is a full moon and suggests that it “explains about the energy on the earth tonight”.

Gary tells Big Brother that Dee is “two faced” and doesn’t “care about the feelings of the person she’s talking to” He questions why people can’t just get along adding that “there are some wild currents in the House right now and I choose not to swim in it, or even put my boat in it.”

Big Brother gathers the Housemates to reveal the results of today’s nominations. All the Housemates will face the public vote this Wednesday.

James tells Big Brother that he “felt really sorry for Dee” after she “reached breaking point” with Gary. He goes on to say that Gary always thinks he’s right and “superior” to the rest of the Housemates.

In the bedroom, Gary and Lauren discuss reaching the final and Gary says they are “like eight racing horses, nose to nose to the finish line”

CBB airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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