Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lauren Goodger turns whole house against her

TOWIE star accused of playing games

lauren comforted by edele

Lauren Goodger manages to turn almost the entire house against her in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

It starts in the kitchen where James advises her to think about what she says when she’s been drinking as she can do some “really sh***y things”.

Lauren admits, “I’ve dealt with so much s**t” and questions “What have I ever done wrong in life? Why is everyone hating on me? I’m still strong enough to go, this is me and I am who I am”

She goes on to observe that George has “nothing to lose” from the experience after he advises that she needs to hold certain things back and stop dragging up old stories.

Lauren says that she speaks out because she’s open but George suggests that she’s had too much to drink and has “a terrible media presence”

lauren kitchen

Audley joins the conversation and says that George is being a bully for turning his back on Lauren to defend Ricci. Lauren then starts to cry and is comforted by Edele.

James says that he thinks Lauren is playing a game and questions how she can be so drunk on two glasses of wine, with the Housemates disagreeing with Audley when he claims that Lauren's “not that calculated”.

In the Diary Room, Lauren tells Big Brother that even though she can’t control what’s written about her in the press, she is grateful to still be in the media and claims that George doesn’t understand her lifestyle.

Later on in the evening, Lauren tells some of the Housemates that she’s worried she will be judged and notes that none of them have anything to lose.

She goes on to say that it’s “mentally draining” as a young woman to be judged on her weight and appearance. James says that she “has nothing to lose” as the public already judge her, adding “You can’t make it worse”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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