Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 20 recap and highlights

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Here's a spoiler filled sneak peek at tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights.

It's Day 20 and by the pool, Gary asks George if he misses Stephanie. George says, “Not yet. I will do” and Gary remarks “What was here when it was happening is what was here when it was happening” George goes on to say that he’s “excited by what she’s gone out to” and hopes he will see her again. When Gary asks if he has ever been to America before, George admits he’s never had a reason to go, before adding “now I’ve got a reason to go” Gary finds this funny and laughs

In the kitchen, as a gesture of goodwill, Audley offers to teach James how to make rice. Dee proclaims, “I’m so proud of you both!” but Audley responds by saying, “Really Dee?”

Edele tells Big Brother that she’s “really glad” she was saved from eviction and that she feels like she’s “just arrived at the Big Brother House” after “living the experience through my struggle.” She goes on to say that she “really relaxed” and feels more in the moment following her therapy session with Gary, which she knew would be “bordering on real” She goes on to discuss James and says she hopes that he will change after hearing the public reception.

For today’s task, Housemates will work in Big Brother’s Call Centre. Throughout their shift, they will each handle complaints from real members of the public. All of these complaints are about them, specifically. Gary, Dee, Audley and Edele are the first Housemates to man the phones.

Lauren, Ricci, James and George are called to begin their shift in Big Brother’s Call Centre.

In the bedroom, Lauren observes that people all deal with Gary in different ways and that she doesn’t always agree with how people talk to him. She goes on to tell George not to worry about the earlier caller feedback.

After a tough day at the office, Big Brother rewards the Housemates with a classic office party. The Housemates have a food fight before dancing the conga.

In the garden, Lauren licks Ribena off of Ricci’s arm. James jokes that he has some on his lips and George remarks “Well done with curbing the flirting!”

In the garden, Lauren tells Ricci that he’s “got to man up” James observes that Ricci was caught off guard during his call and Lauren proceeds to tell Ricci that he needs to stand up for himself more adding, “If I was married to you, I’d be the voice of the relationship. You’ve got to man up!”

Ricci talks to Dee in the bedroom and says that Dee advises him to “be Ricci” and stop holding back

In the bedroom Dee tells Ricci that whoever ends up with him will be “the luckiest girl in the whole wide world” before joking, “You’d do anything to get me into bed, wouldn’t you”

Lauren is in bed with Dee talking about tonight’s events and says “I can’t take this bulls**t” She then invites Ricci to join her and Dee in bed for a cuddle. Dee remarks, “If you two are going to start pashing, I’m going into Ricci’s bed” Dee gets up to make a cup of tea.

In the kitchen, Dee tells Edele and James that Lauren and Ricci are in her bed. Edele comments that Audley has called Lauren up for being “that girl” who drinks and says things she regrets.

Ricci and Lauren hug as they sleep in bed together

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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