Celebrity Big Brother 2014: James Jordan branded 'biggest ****' by viewers

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

James Jordan faced the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 viewers in the house yesterday.

As part of a new task, housemates had to work a shift in the complaints department of the Big Brother call centre, answering calls from the public.

And James bore the brunt of viewer vote, being told by one CBB fan: "I'd like to know why James is the biggest **** in the house?"

James replied: "I think the problem I have in this house, this isn't a real life situation..."

But the caller continued: "Why [are] you being so negative? So ***y, It's like your ego is so big, you haven't really got any nice things to say to anybody, especially Gary.

" I don't know why you would compare yourself to Brad Pitt, more like Brad s**t in my opinion."

The Brad Pitt comment was one that James denied at first, before conceding he was "embarrassed" if he had said it.

But the viewer complaints weren't done there, they continued: "Even if someone has a conversation and you're in your sleep, you'll wake up and go and involve yourself in an argument that doesn't involve you."

James defended himself, saying he was a "cheeky chappy" and adding, "I do like to wind people up."

But the Strictly pro was told: "Your winding up is bitter."

Meanwhile, Lauren also faced some tough questions, being asked: "What do you think other than a feeble romance is your journey?"

As the Housemates dealt with their complaints to Big Brother’s satisfaction, they were rewarded with an office party.

The full task will air in tonight's show at 9PM on Channel 5.

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