Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates told what the public REALLY think of them

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates have been learning what us viewers really think of them in today's task.

This afternoon the celebs have been taking it in turns to work in BB's Call Centre.

Each housemate has dealt with complaints from viewers and has to deal with the complainer in a satisfactory manner. At the end of the call, the member of the public will complete a customer satisfaction survey.

If the Housemates deal with the complaints to Big Brother’s satisfaction, they’ll be rewarded with an office party.

Up in the first shift was Gary, Audley, Dee and Edele.

Dee was blasted for "looking awful", being told: "You got no make up on and you look like you're chewing a wasp."

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"Boring" Audley was asked "What happened to his personality?"

Edele spoke to a HUGE B*Witched fan who claimed she just "moped" around the house and told her to "push herself forward, you need to show us that strong, amazing woman that we know who you are."

And finally, Gary was told he "played the fool and sweet and innocent when we was really you're the biggest game player and you're manipulating all of the housemates, and you're the puppet master.

"You're playing the biggest game in the house."

Next, Ricci, Lauren, James and George entered the call centre for their shift.

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Ricci was asked: "Why you're so dull, boring and just not great to watch, totally just trying to get the showmance going so you've a story once outside of the house."

George was confronted with a viewer who asked claimed he was always "sneaking away like a little coward when things get heated" after causing trouble in the house.

Watch a clip from the task below...

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