Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 19 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled preview of tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights.

It's Day 19 and in the bedroom, Stephanie asks Edele what about yesterday’s argument between Audley and James. Edele admits “it was pretty heavy”

Meanwhile, in the garden, Audley tells Kellie that the “problem with Britain today” is that the kids drink too much and don’t want to get up in the morning. Kellie suggests that it’s the problem with “youngsters in general”

George asks Kellie if she thinks the public will be surprised by her transformation in the House and praises her for not getting involved in arguments. Kellie suggests that her boxing background means that she is used to standing up for herself, telling James “What you say to us is like water off a ducks back. I’ve been insulted by far bigger and better people than you” James says that he finds it easiest to wind Kellie and Audley up but Kellie disputes this saying, “If you wound me up, I would bite really big at you and go for you”

In the Diary Room, Audley talks to Big Brother about his argument with James says that he “threw Lauren under the bus, which was very uncouth” He admits that James is not his “cup of tea”, describing him as “belittling and disrespectful to women” He goes on to say that he’s not trying to compete against James, adding “What he’s got to say is irrelevant to me”

For today’s task, Gary will become a Guidance Councillor for the Housemates, holding sessions in his calming and spiritually balanced therapy room:

Stephanie and George are the first couple to see Councillor Gary. Stephanie says that she adores and loves George “as a friend…non sexually” and George agrees, adding that Stephanie is “beautiful” Gary suggests that they are “pure” in their reaction and that “friendship love is deeper” Stephanie says that she feels like they no longer have to prove anything to anyone

Lauren and Ricci are next to receive couples therapy. Lauren tells Gary that she thinks Ricci is “sweet, kind and a great guy” and Ricci says Lauren is “gorgeous, everything I look for in a woman”

After visiting Councillor Gary, George and Stephanie discuss their relationship. George thanks her for opening up and that he would be “gutted” if he called her up to ask her out for lunch and she said no

Dee is the next Housemate to visit Councillor Gary to discuss the pressures of fame. Dee says “I’m still just little old Dee” and admits its “been hard” to be thrown into the spotlight, despite not considering herself famous. Gary advises that she needs to “Get that self esteem pump out and mentally and spiritually pump it back up”

Edele is the next Housemate to visit Councillor Gary. She says that she doesn’t have any negative feelings towards the other Housemates and talks about her marriage separation. Gary says that she is “living in the past” and questions if she still “has love” for her husband. This causes Edele to cry and admit that the relationship wasn’t making her happy and that she is “emotional right now”. Gary then shows Edele an exercise to “pull the universe into your heart”

Councillor Gary’s final session is a conflict resolution between Kellie, James and Audley. Kellie is first to speak and says she has “no bad feelings” towards Audley but sees “a bit of Frank in James…very arrogant, very aggressive” Audley then admits that some things about James “rub him up the wrong way” but adds that “I’m bigger than that” James is last to speak and says that he quickly saw that Kellie “wasn’t the nicest person in the world and didn’t take criticism very well” Gary suggests that “conflicts are stupid and silly” they should let it go and not take it personally. James suggests that the clash is caused by their “strong characters” and explains that “It was pretty tough” when he grew up as a dancer and that he had to stand up for himself. He goes on to say that he can “justify” all his actions in the House but Gary suggests that he lives in a conflict zone. James then criticises Gary by saying he pushes women out of the way. This angers Gary and he shouts at James. He adds “You’re shouting at me in your eyes and your mind and your stubbornness…and they can see that”. Gary gets them to do some positive affirmations as some whale music plays in.

In the garden, Gary thanks his “spiritual guides” for the energy he was given in his therapy room. He describes it as “beyond human energy” and Kellie says that it was good to get things off her chest, without getting into an argument. Gary then describes James as “a hard headed little boy” and Kellie suggests that “he’s sad and lonely”.

Stephanie becomes the fourth Housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Later, the Housemates are gathered on the sofa and informed that tonight is a double eviction. The fifth Housemate to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House is Kellie.

Audley then suggests that Stephanie’s fans gave up on her once they realised her relationship with George wasn’t real.

Lauren asks George if he thinks Ricci has got a “small willy”. George jokes, “Well, I’ve got a small willy but I don’t hide it” and asks Lauren if she “likes a big one?”

In the bathroom, Audley practices his punches in front of the mirror. James jokes, “The funny thing is, I bet he still gets knocked out!”

Gary tells Big Brother that he doesn’t think his Housemates were happy he was saved from eviction.

He goes on to say that being saved by the British public is what counts, signing off with, “God bless you guys. And you girls, young and old. All of the Brits”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9.15pm on Channel 5.

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