Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 18 recap and highlights

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Here's your daily recap of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 highlights, as housemates give each other 'feedback'.

It's Day 18 and George is preparing a surprise breakfast for Stephanie. When she enters the kitchen, George shouts at her to keep looking at him, so she doesn’t see what he’s making

Audley suggests that the House looks like its “divided” into groups and that Edele probably feels uncomfortable now. He goes on to say that Frenchy warned him that George and James were “plotting” against him

In the garden, Dee observes that two people – Edele and Stephanie – are only in the House to raise their profiles and progress their careers. Following yesterday’s nominations, Kellie then questions the amount of times she’s said she wants to leave the House. Dee notes that she has said it quite a lot and advises her not to rise to it. Kellie remarks, “This is war!”

Audley and Edele discuss the previous night’s nominations and Edele suggests that she was “an easy target” and that people “backed off” on what nominations were, compared with the first one. Audley observes that the “gloves are off” when it comes to nominating. The conversation moves on to Gary and Edele admits that she was “surprised” that Audley chose to nominate her over him. Audley says that he sees his dad in Gary and says that older people are just “stuck in their ways” Edele agrees but says there are moments when Gary is “damn f**king rude to everyone”

Dee and Lauren join Gary by the pool and start a conversation in hushed tones about him even though he is sitting right next to them. They say that he’s looking at Lauren’s sandwich longingly. Dee says that Gary told Edele “he loves it here because it’s like being in a hotel” and goes on to say that “things have got to change” but it’s a “no win situation” because “people don’t want him mauling the food”. After a while, Lauren turns to ask Gary if he would like any food and he is genuinely thankful. Throughout the conversation, Gary seemingly can’t hear what’s being said.

For today’s task, Housemates will give one another some anonymous feedback by answering a series of questions about each other in Big Brother’s survey. One by one, the Housemates must then stand up and read the feedback about them and the other Housemates can either admit to the feedback or remain anonymous. Ricci observes that “Things are really going to kick off later!”

James said that Audley is “very rude and direct” with all Housemates and because he cooks, he gets away with it. James stands and suggests that “Audley came in here with a game plan to make sure he stays in the kitchen” Audley apologises for being “rude and direct” at times. James stands up and admits he wrote this feedback.

James said, “Apart from cooking, Audley’s one of the most boring people in the House.” He thinks he is king of the castle but can’t back it up. I’m so glad that James had the balls to stand up to him” James does not admit to this feedback and remains seated and Audley guesses that George wrote the feedback.

Audley said that George is “trying to use humour to hide his aloofness to life. His habit of excess drinking and clowning is his escape from facing his responsibilities.” Audley stands and says “if I was you, when you leave here I’d go on a real detox” George thanks Audley for his advice and says, “I’m going to take something from you. When I get home; just train, cook and sleep”

James said of Lauren, “It’s obvious how much she wants to win. She does nothing really to help herself. She needs to start doing more around the House and stop letting everyone wait on her every demand. Also, she needs to control herself when she’s been drinking. The flirting and popping tits out ‘by mistake’ is not very attractive” James remains seated and does not admit that this was his feedback.

James said of Kellie “She is selfish, rude, going for the sympathy vote. The only way I believe this person can improve is to leave the House and find out who she wants to be.” James stands and admits he wrote this and Kellie remarks, “Thank heavens we won’t have to meet when we leave the House…there’s no love between us…it’s a shame you’re an excuse for a human being”

Gary said Dee is “a force of nature all of her own. At the drop of an unfavourable emotion, she can go into a world of anger and has no concern regarding the feelings of others and their heart”. Gary remains seated.

Audley said that James has a bad habit of belittling people at the expense of his entertainment and stands up, laughing. James says that his humour “has never been malicious” but Audley views it as “disrespectful”. Audley admits he wrote this.

Kellie said of James, “I think you need to be more yourself and not try to be one of the boys. Maybe try not to give out an image of a hard man who does not care what others think about you because we all, deep down, care about what others think.” Kellie stands and admits the feedback was hers and suggests that “underneath it, there is a lost kid who really would like to be liked” but James retorts that there “are a lot more people who dislike you… I didn’t come in here to make friends, maybe you did, but you need people to accept you for who you’re trying to be. I have friends on the outside world, which maybe you don’t, and I have a family who care about me. They’re still going to be there when I come out. If I leave here with friends, it’s a bonus. This is a game!” Kellie responds saying, “I’m actually learning a lot about human beings and, do you know what I’ve learnt about you? I would hate to like someone like you” James then tells Kellie she can sit down, but she remains standing.

The feedback that Lauren received in the task plays on her mind and she is comforted by Kellie. Lauren admits “I’m embarrassing myself” and begins to tear up. Kellie suggests that “they’re jealous” and there are “four or five real ar*eholes in here” The conversation moves on to James and Kellie observes that “He’s desperate to win...if he behaves like that outside I can’t see him having one friend”

In the Diary Room, George tells Big Brother that James took his feedback well. He speculates that James will be leaving the House because of the amount of boos he gets and because of his “condescending” mannerisms. He says that James “messes himself up. He’ll come out with stuff and it will make me cringe, some things are best kept inside...he’s a man out for himself.”

In the garden James admits to Lauren that he wrote the feedback about her, “I was really bored all day so I thought I’d stir some s**t up but it backfired. I didn’t want you to get that upset.” adding that when she walks around in her underwear he worries how it is coming across. “they can cut things in a certain way to make you and me look really s**t”, he said. Lauren admits she wakes up feeling anxious about her drunken antics but says she can “brush things off...I’m young, I’ve got no kids, I’m not married, I’m single!”

James tells Big Brother that he “purposely didn’t stand up because I think that’s a bigger mind game...that’s when everyone starts getting paranoid” he then admits he felt guilty about Lauren’s reaction to his comments, saying “I didn’t expect her to take it in such a personal way”

Conversation moves on to Kellie and James states “It’s so easy to wind Kellie up, I don’t think she has the education to sustain a decent argument, her vocabulary is very limited and she takes everything very personal”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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