Celebrity Big Brother 2014 eviction: Who will go? Housemates have their ideas...

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

With another Celebrity Big Brother 2014 eviction looming, the housemates have been speculating about who will be leaving tonight.

Six housemates face eviction and Kellie Maloney, surprise, surprise, reckons it'll be her going.

"I think it's between James and me," she said.

Dee suggested: "I think two are going, I know James is going, I'd put money on James going."

"I think there's a twist somewhere down the line tonight," Kellie replied.

"I think the twist might be next week," Dee said.

After some discussion about the possibility of new housemates - which seemed to shock Kellie ("
they couldn't win it, could they?!") - the pair got onto talking the split now inside the house.

Kellie said: "There's a divide in the house now, even though we are trying to talk to each other.

"We've always been in the me group form day one."

Although Dee somewhat disagreed: "I don't even think we are [trying to talk]. I think we're fine and others are coming in."

Kellie then added: "I've proved to myself what I want to."

Meanwhile, ahead of the eviction this evening, James proclaimed that he didn't care whether or not he left the show.

"If I go, I get to see my wife and my family, I've got nothing more to prove," he told the house.

CBB airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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