Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Why Claire King left the house... apparently

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Claire King left Celebrity Big Brother 2014 because of the housemates' poor hygiene, it's been claimed.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, Gary Busey has taken the brunt of the blame.

The other housemates, especially Stephanie Pratt, have confronted the Hollywood star over his poor manners from peeing in the shower to not washing his hands after going to the toilet.

Although with Lauren Goodger having been warned for peeing in the pool, the rest of the house aren't totally innocent.

After Claire King's exit, the housemates now fear they too could be left having to leave with sickness.

"There are real fears among the housemates that they will get sick because of the poor hygiene," an insider told The Sun newspaper this morning. “Gary caused fury when he walked to the dining table from the loo without washing.

"Stephanie castigated him — but he didn’t seem to see the problem.”

According to the tabloid, it was thought that Claire had originally contracted bacterial infection MRSA, although her agent denied the claim saying that the Emmerdale star was just “unwell with a personal condition.”

Claire originally left the house on Tuesday evening, having originally left on Sunday afternoon for medical treatment after suffering from bouts of vomiting.

A spokesperson for Channel 5 said last night: “Due to ill health Claire has had to leave the house.”