Celebrity Big Brother 2014: James Jordan, Kellie Maloney come to blows

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James Jordan and Kellie Maloney faced off against one another again in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house tonight.

It came in the latest part of the new 'Honest Feedback' task where the housemates have been giving their honest views of one another.

Tonight saw each housemate get to see what their fellow housemates (anonymously) think of them, with Big Brother giving the housemates a chance to stand up and reveal who wrote what, if they so chose.

When it came to James' turn, he was first accused of "belittling people at their expensive of his entertainment", being told that "he wants to be the centre of a conversation by being rude."

This was said by Audley, who told James: "When you have humour at some body else's expense, I think that's a bad character trait."

But James hit back: "It's called English humour, sarcasm. "

Next, James was told to "be more yourself, try not to give out an image of a hard man, who does deep down care whatever people think, you can't always be Mr Right and leader of the pack."

Kelly stood up and revealed he had written this feedback, with James sapping: "I think there's a lot more in here that dislike you.

"I didn't come in to make friends, If I leave here without friends, it's a bonus, I don't really care, this is a game, this is something you don't understand."

The full task will air in tonight's highlights show from 9PM on Channel 5.

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