Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates give their honest views of each other

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates got honest with one another in the house tonight.

In the latest task, each of the Housemates was given a survey made up of various questions. For example, ‘Which one Housemate is the most manipulative?’ and ‘Who least deserves to be in the final and why?'

The surveys were then returned to Big Brother where they were typed up to avoid them recognising or guessing who may have written it based on handwriting.

The Housemates were then gathered on the sofa and were given the survey that was filled out about them, which they then read out to the group.

After reading aloud their feedback, Housemates were given the opportunity to break their anonymity and reveal who said what.

But only if they wanted to.

Amongst what was said, James claimed Audley was always cooking as a tactic to stay in while Gary spoke about Stephanie's germaphobia.

George was accused by Audley of using his humour to "escape from facing his responsibilities" and told to "grow up" and was also accused of playing both Stephanie and James "as it helps his ambitions to win"

It was claimed about Lauren that it was "obvious how much she wants to win" and that she needed to have "more self respect" and to "control herself when she's drinking."

However the housemate who wrote that feedback decided not to reveal themselves to the group.

But Ricci did own up to leaving some feedback on Lauren: Telling her to give him more kisses and cuddles and to stop hiding her true feelings!

Elsewhere, Dee accused Gary of being the most manipulative while Stephanie said that Edele least deserved to win... but claimed she thought the question was actually asking who most deserved to win.

The task will full will air on Friday night's highlights on Channel 5.

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