Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dee Kelly tells Gary Busey to nominate her after row

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Dee Kelly and Gary Busey clashed after last night's live Celebrity Big Brother 2014 eviction, with Dee encouraging Gary to nominate her.

The pair rowed in the garden after trying - and failing - to sort their differences out.

The bickering duo even clashed over whether there were nine or six days left to the final.

"Just don't talk to me," Dee snapped in the end.

"Remember, nominations are coming..." Gary sniped.

Dee then got up and left as she complained to Gary: "Don't start, nominate me to your hearts content.

"You're sly. You're very, very sly."

Gary then went into the bedroom where he told Lauren that he was feeling 'better than ever'.

But in the living area, Dee was on a rant as she relayed her argument with Gary some of the other housemates, including Ricci, Stephanie, George and James.

"I've had all the time in the world for him, but he's just so sly... well good luck to him," Dee said.

"He's not the person he's making out to be in here," Ricci claimed.

The housemates went on to speculate why Gary apparently wanted to win the show so much, leading to the revelation that James had fooled Gary into thinking that the winner would get an extra £500,000.

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