Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Speidi give their brutally honest take on housemates

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Former CBB housemates Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have given their VERY honest views on this year's housemates.

And Spencer, who is the brother of current Celeb Big Brother housemate Stephanie, had quite a lot to say in particular.

On Gary Busey, he said: "The only time I've met him was in a supermarket. he tried to attack me with karate kicks!

"I'm still traumatised after hearing that he hadn't showered in seven days."

The pair had some strong opinions on the various relationships involving Ricci, George, Lauren and Stephanie too.

"Stephanie's way out of [George's] league. I don't think she would ever date him," Heidi said.

She claimed that instead of George, Ricci "would be good for Stephanie", saying that he "should stop chasing Lauren and go after her."

Spencer added: "I think Lauren and the chubby guy, George, could be a good couple. They could sit around and eat crumpets all day.

On Lauren in particular, Heidi said: "Lauren seems really nice, but really simple.

"Stephanie is animated and outgoing, while Lauren seems to be quiet and introverted. They don't have much in common."

Meanwhile Spencer sniped: "Lauren wouldn't make it a day being famous in Hollywood.

"And if I were her, I wouldn't want to hang out with the skinny girl either. That's not a good look."