Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates to face Ice Bucket Challenge

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

The Celebrity Big Brother UK housemates will face the Ice Bucket Challenge today.

And us viewers will get to decide who gets to face the ice cold water.

Assuming you own an iPhone, at least

A new poll on the official Big Brother mobile app lets you vote for which housemate should face a super cold soaking in the house later today.

The housemates eligible to compete in the challenge are Audley, Dee, Edele, Frenchy, Gary, George, James, Lauren, Ricci and Stephanie.

Basically, just not Kellie or Claire, who is still out of the house and in hospital after nearly 48 hours after first leaving.

The one housemate who receives the most votes will get an ice surprise later on in the day.

And kind Big Brother will also be donating a cool £1,000 to charity once the challenge has been completed.

You can find the CBB app in the Apple App Store.

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