Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Did housemates pass new shopping task?

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The results of the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2014 shopping task are in, but is it another week of basic rations for the celebs?

Housemates were gathered and told that yesterday that they’ll be called to the Counting Zone (aka the Large Task Room) in groups and that the Big Brother eye will appear on the screens randomly and intermittently. All Housemates have to do is keep track of how many times they see the eye appear.

However, throughout the day, Big Brother did everything possible to try and distract the Housemates from counting the eye, such as playing back nominations.

After each mini-task, the housemates had to confer to keep track of the total amount of eye flashes they had seen.

At the end of the whole task, Big Brother would ask Housemates how many times they saw the eye and they had to be within 50 to pass.

After all the tasks and quite a group discussion, the housemates finally decided that their total was 1,914 eye appearances.

Big Brother then revealed to the group that they had to be within 50 to pass, going on to announce that the actual total was 1,880.

Therefore, as they were within the 50 margin of error, housemates passed the task and won the first luxury shopping budget for the house this series.

The task will air on tonight's highlights show on Channel 5.

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