Celebrity Big Brother UK: Kellie Maloney brands James Jordan a bully

kellie in DR

An angry Kellie Maloney brands James Jordan a bully in tonight's CBB, and she's not the only one angry at the Strictly dancer.

In this evening's latest highlights show, Kellie talks to Big Bother in the Diary Room about James and claims he's a “very false person, he’s a bully...two faced people are something I don’t tolerate”

Later in the garden, Lauren remarks that James has been “very shady” and “fake as s**t".

When James then joins the group, Lauren tells him that she thinks he’s acting shadily.

The dancer apologises and assures her that he’s not, saying “You can think of me whatever you want…What you see is what you get”

He goes on to suggest that Lauren is feeling paranoid because it’s the first time she’s been put up for eviction.

Elsewhere in tonight's show an in the Diary Room, Frenchy gives her viewers on Ricci and Lauren.

She compares Ricci to a “dead fish” who only comes to life when he’s had a drink, adding that “he’s boring. He doesn’t have a personality”

Frenchy then says that Lauren “doesn’t have confidence and constantly needs me to reassure her…after a while it gets boring…She’s a gorgeous girl, she’s beautiful and very well spoken but personality wise, I don’t have anything in common with her”

CBB airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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