Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Edele Lynch confronts Frenchy after Lauren Goodger spat

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Today's Celebrity Big Brother 2014 task has seen a fallout between the girls of the house.

Earlier today the house was split into two teams, with leaders James and Audley picking who they wanted to join them for an endurance task.

Audley chose George, Dee, Lauren, Claire and Kelly while James picked Stephanie, Ricci, Edele, Gary and Frenchy.

Audley and James have to spend as long as they can locked under a dome in the garden, with support and encouragement from their team mates.

But the trash talk took a nasty turn as Frenchy hit out at Lauren Goodger, branding her a failure, "f**ing weak" and having the attitude of a four year old.

"That's very rude Frenchy, you crossed the line," Lauren told her.

"I don't care. I'm fine, I'm good with myself, I'm my own person," Frenchy replied.

Later, Edele confronted Frenchy about the remarks after commenting to George: "She's not trying to get Lauren out of the dome, there's no point of us kicking off on the sidelines."

After being branding "rude" by Edele, Frenchy replied: "That's the way I talk because that's who I am, that's the way I talk in my every day, I'm brutally honest as well.

"This is a game my darling," she concluded.

CBB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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