Celebrity Big Brother 2014 'bullying' claims from brain injury charity

 Gary Busey Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Channel 5 has come under attack over perceived bullying on Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

A leading brain injury charity has spoken out about the behaviour shown by the other housemates in the house against actor Gary Busey.

The 70-year-old almost died in 1988 after a motorcycle accident that left him in a coma for four weeks.

Gary has found himself clashing with most of the other housemates, getting votes from almost all of them on Wednesday night as the group nominated face to face.

Now brain injury charity Headway has said it has "concerns" about the treatment that Gary has received from the other housemates inside the house.

“Brain injury can have cognitive, behavioural and emotional consequences, which differ from person to person,” the charity's chief executive Peter McCabe said today. “It can lead to people exhibiting unpredictable, impulsive or erratic behaviour, particularly when in a stressful or unfamiliar environment.

"Mr Busey is exhibiting challenging behaviour in the house, which may well be as a result of his brain injury."

He told The Telegraph newspaper: "Members of the public, some of whom have experienced brain injuries, have expressed serious concerns about the insensitive, exploitative and discriminatory conduct against a brain injury survivor on national television.

"Headway shares these concerns and has sought urgent reassurances from Channel 5 that it will immediately act to protect the welfare of the vulnerable adults appearing on Big Brother.”

Many have hit out at the way the other housemates have been treating Gary but others have accused the Hollywood star of just being plain rude.

A spokesman for Channel 5 said: “The health and welfare of all the housemates is of paramount importance to Big Brother.

"They are all independently evaluated before entering the house and closely monitored throughout the series."

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