Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Did Frenchy pass her secret task?

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Frenchy has passed a secret task to convince two other housemates she was filming an exercise DVD.

To win a reward for the house, Frenchy had to convince both George Gilbey and Dee Kelly that she had chosen them to film a bonus section for her upcoming fitness video.

However the whole set up was a fake and in fact ALL of the housemates other than Dee and George were in on it.

The bonus section of the DVD was filmed in the newly decorated Large Task Room, which had been painted completely pink complete with pink lighting and Frenchy branding.

A camera crew filmed Dee and George as they followed Frenchy's completely made up moves, which included use of a stripper's pole.

To pass, both George and Dee needed to sign a fake model release form which they did.

This evening Big Brother revealed all, as Dee reacted: "You bastards!"

She worried: "It's not going on the f**king internet, is it?"

"For successfully completing the secret mission, all housemates will receive a reward," Big Brother announced.

They added: "You will receive your reward later today."

And yes, Dee, it is on the internet...

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