Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 17 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Here's a recap of all of tonight's Celebrity Big Brother UK spoilers.

In the living area, Kellie is doing the washing up and complains that the Housemates are “so messy” Audley moves the conversation to the previous evening and remarks that it was “such a nice night last night” and Kellie agrees saying, “there was no bad feeling yesterday. Even the enemies became friends” George joins the conversation and says, “I even started to look at Frenchy and think, ‘She ain’t so bad’” However, he goes on to state that “Everything that she does is against me…she’s the only one in the House that I wouldn’t make an effort to see if I was in the area”

In the Pod, Kellie has made a new friend…Frenchy’s teddy bear. She proceeds to tell the bear the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

In the Diary Room, Gary says he’s feeling “exceptional, wonderful, together, balanced, even” and goes on to say that he’s made so many changes in his life and that it’s “wonderful to be where I am now, within myself of truth” Gary then likens the Diary Room to “an emotional confession booth where you’re finding out about yourself” and suggests that Big Brother is like the parent.

On the subject of eviction, Gary says that he will go with “confidence, pride, honour and commitment to being what I am in truth from Big Brother’s lessons. If I’m not evicted, it will just go on. And if I’m evicted, I won’t really be evicted because my heart and soul will be in the Big Brother House. Big Brother will be in my heart forever and I’m just the messenger of hope, truth and love”

In the Diary Room, Frenchy talks about the upcoming eviction and tells Big Brother “I’m not nervous but I’m curious cause you never know what’s going to happen” She promises that if she gets sent home she will “tear up London”.

Edele and Kellie are talking about nominations. Edele admits that she finds “difficult to vote” and Kellie observes that the next vote has to be “tactical” They both agree that Frenchy would have a got a lot “more leeway” if she hadn’t thrown away her dinner. Kellie then suggests that Gary and Frenchy are “really out to win…He’s playing all of us… Days before the eviction and when the cameras are on, he comes to life…he’s a born actor”

In the garden, Dee asks Gary is he’s “putting on a pair of trousers” in case he’s voted out. Gary, who is still wearing his pyjamas, replies “I come as I am…it’s not what you’re wearing, it’s what you wear inside” Edele then takes offence to Gary saying, “You’re not making sense” and suggests that it comes across as rude and there are better ways to communicate. Gary remarks, “Sorry kids, I’m from America. I don’t understand it all.”

In the bedroom, Dee relays her conversation with Gary and the Housemates joke that he could leave in his pyjamas. Meanwhile, in the garden, Gary gives himself a pep talk urging himself “Don’t argue, don’t get confused and think before you speak, Gary!”

As the Housemates gather on the sofas, Kellie remarks, “I think my luck has run out tonight” After hearing the crowd chant, “Get Frenchy out!”, Frenchy shouts “I haven’t done anything bit*hes!” Frenchy then becomes the third Housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House, leaving with her teddy bear to boos from the audience. After she leaves, Gary says, “That’s not a surprise”

Soon after Frenchy has been evicted, Housemates Gary, Dee and Audley are discussing upcoming nominations. Audley admits he has ‘one easy one’ in mind and goes onto say he can’t have another ‘car crash’ nomination like last time when nominating Kellie. as it ‘came out wrong’

Lauren talks to Stephanie and George about her birthday party guest list and remarks “I want to invite everyone...even Frenchy I'll invite” but George states that “If Frenchy comes, I’m not...she stands for everything that I don’t agree with...if everyone in the world was like her it would be a horrible place that I wouldn’t want to be in”

Kellie talks to Big Brother and says “I was convinced in my head I was going tonight, I didn’t think I had anything left to offer...it just shows that maybe I’m coming across in the right way, maybe the British public are warming to me and it’s such a heartening thing for me, such a comforting thought” Kellie goes on to say “to me I’ve actually won now, whatever comes after this is a bonus” Kellie gets emotional and puts her head in her hands

The Housemates are gathered on the sofas and George turns to Stephanie and says, “I think I started falling in love with you today” Stephanie repays the compliment by stroking George’s belly

Big Brother then informs the Housemates that they must nominate face to face. They are provided with envelopes containing pictures of the Housemates and must explain their reasons for each nomination.

The Housemates facing Friday’s eviction are Audley, Kellie, Edele, Stephanie, Gary and James

In the garden, Ricci mentions to Audley and Lauren that “a few people are playing games in here” adding, “be yourself, enjoy that experience”

Dee hugs Edele and apologises for nominating her saying, “It just came out wrong and as a mum I know myself” Edele admits it has upset her because “the longer you stay in here the more opportunity you get”, Dee concludes “I don’t think like that”

In the garden, Dee agrees with Audley that she’s sees her Dad in Gary. Gary takes offense and says “I’m not your dad!” Dee retaliates by boldly saying “There’s no need to get in my face, I know you’re not my dad but I’m also not your carer!”

They continue to squabble about nominations as Dee confesses she didn’t nominate him last week adding, “You’re taking this a bit too seriously...I’ve met seventy year olds Gary, I know people older than you” Gary sarcastically retorts “Oh my God that’s fantastic!” Dee gets up to walk away saying “Don’t mock me Gary...good luck to you...you’re very, very sly”

In the kitchen, Dee tells Stephanie that Gary is a “bitter, twisted old man”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 this evening.

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