Celebrity Big Brother UK: Kellie Maloney asks to leave after being sent to scrap heap

Kellie in DR 2

Kellie Maloney was in tears again in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night after being sent to the scrap heap.

As part of this weekend's new task, Leslie Jordan is ruling the roost and has to decide which housemates have to spend their time in the Celebrity scrap heap.

After Frenchy and Gary were the first to be sent to the unwelcome corner of the garden, Leslie was then called to the Diary Room and chose to send Kellie to the scrapheap next.

In tonight's show, we see Leslie go on to give his reasons, which are heard by all the Housemates... except for Kellie who has already stormed into the garden.

Ricci goes to check on Kellie who says, “I just want to get out of here”

Kellie cries under her cover and is comforted by Frenchy, as Leslie tells Big Brother that he didn’t realise that the Housemates were listening to his reasons but notes that he “gave a lovely speech”

He goes on to say, “Out of all the Housemates, I love Kellie the most”

Meanwile, Kellie tells Lauren that she wants to go home.

Leslie tries to explain the reasoning behind his decision and she responds saying, “I don’t give a s**t about your speech…you’re a little queen!”

Lauren tries to act as mediator but Kellie storms off to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother, “I’d like to go home…If you think I’m going to put myself through highs and lows to give you entertainment value, you’ve got another thing coming.”

As Kellie cries, Big Brother says that she is doing a great job and shouldn’t make a rash decision

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9:10PM on Channel 5.
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