Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 5 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled recap of tonight's Celebrity Big Brother UK highlights.

Kellie meditates in the Pod while most of the other Housemates are sleeping…except for Frenchy, who is making a lot of noise looking for her beauty products.

James tells Edele that Frenchy “makes my skin crawl” and she says that she will have a word with her. Frenchy joins them and declares that she feels like it will be a “naked day” for her. Edele asks her “what’s going on” and Frenchy suggests that the other Housemates are not being flexible with her. Edele advises that she’s “got to try and fit in or respect” other people’s opinions

In the bedroom, Kellie observes that Frenchy “has got a selfish approach to life” and Dee agrees saying, “She’s never had to do anything for herself” Leslie says, “That’s a damaged human being…I’ve been through a lot of what she’s been through but I rose above”

Dee talks to Ricci about Kellie and says “I think she was probably that far away from going last night” adding, “We’re a complete group of strangers and we just accept her as Kellie. She probably finds that weird because she was probably expecting some confrontation”

In the Diary Room, Kellie tells Big Brother that she’s feeling “a lot better” and admits that she knew it would be a bad day yesterday, from the minute she woke up. She goes on to say, “If you’d have opened the door, I would have run out yesterday, but I’m glad you never”

Frenchy has revenge on her mind and starts cutting up Leslie’s underwear with a pair of scissors

In the store room, Frenchy throws spaghetti and rice on the floor and says, “You’re really going to starve now!” After Kellie discovers the mess, Leslie says, “it’s inexcusable” and tells the rest of the Housemates what happened, calling a “group meeting”.

In the bedroom, Frenchy continues exacting her revenge and pours water on some of the Housemates beds before telling Edele that Leslie has been picking on her. Dee then tries to calm Leslie down after he discovers she has destroyed his clothing. Frenchy comes to the kitchen and riles Leslie so much that he raises his hand as if to hit her and she responds by kicking out in his direction.

In the bedroom, George jokes that Frenchy should be sent back to America. Stephanie remarks that she doesn’t want her back in America

Edele tries to speak to Frenchy about her behaviour and advises her not to fight with everybody

Leslie talks to Gary about Frenchy and says, “I know why she targeted me…it’s my temper…I can count on my fingers, the way I spoke to you yesterday. Five times and since I’ve been in this House, three!”

Later, Frenchy apologises to the Housemates and says, “I just want to say sorry guys, I freak out…that’s it”

An emotional Leslie explains that he tells fellow alcoholics that “We cannot afford even righteous anger…here I am going against everything that I teach” He then asks Frenchy if they can talk in the Pod. Before she leaves the room, Frenchy apologies again but James isn’t impressed and says, “I don’t want you to apologise because someone has told you to apologise. It’s very different. That, for me, is not an apology”

Frenchy joins Leslie in the Pod and apologises for her “a mental breakdown” Leslie says, “My biggest character defect is that when I lose my temper, I lose the ability to edit…that’s not me” They hug and he admits, “This is an intense environment”

Later that evening, Big Brother gathers the Housemates and tells them that there will be no eviction. Leslie is then told that the public has decided he is the Star of the Show and that he has been voted the most entertaining.

The Housemates are then shown the Celebrity Scrapheap where the least entertaining celebrities will be sent. Leslie is told he must choose two Housemates who he deems to be the least entertaining. Eventually, he chooses Frenchy and Gary, as they are the only two Housemates who he has had fights with.

After Gary and Frenchy have left the House, James remarks, “At least the two freakos are in there together. I’m as scared as her as I am of him” Dee observes that he could have said James’ name before they knew about the eviction twist, adding “Credit to him for sticking to his guns” Kellie jokes, “If he’s not here tomorrow, we know Gary’s disposed of him!”

Big Brother has thrown Leslie a party, to celebrate being Star of the Show. Unbeknownst to the other housemates Leslie must decide on another Housemate he wants to throw on the Celebrity Scrapheap and that he must use the party to decide who is least entertaining. Leslie is carried aloft by his housemates into the party, where Housemates are treated to party food and champagne. Gary and Frenchy are both unimpressed on the scrapheap.

In the Diary Room, Kellie says she feels strong and returns to the House to sleep.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9:10PM on Channel 5.

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