Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Gary Busey saved from scrapheap due to 'medical reasons'

Won't have to sleep outside... but Frenchy still will

Gary Busey scrapheap

Gary Busey has been given a temporary reprieve from Celebrity Big Brother's Scrap Heap.

In last night's live show Leslie Jordan was voted the 'Star of the Show' in a viewer poll, giving him the Power.

His first decision as the ruler of the roost was to decide which two housemates would be the first to be sent to the the Celebrity Scrapheap.

Located in the garden, housemates in the scrap heap have to stay and sleep outside, with no access to other parts of the house or any luxuries whatsoever, from make up to their clothes. They must wear grubby boiler-suits and eat the scraps of food BB provides at random intervals.

Oh, and they're up for nomination as well for next Wednesday night's first live eviction.

Leslie chose Frenchy and Gary to be the first housemates in the scrap heap but Gary wasn't having any of it, insisted he wasn't able to go outside.

Gary said: "It was the wrong thing to do, I'm injured so much.

"I've been dead twice."

Now Gary did eventually make it outside where he spent the old evening with Frenchy until about 1:30AM.

However, due to medical reasons, he will be sleeping inside, leaving Frenchy to spend the night alone in the garden.

Frenchy won't be single in the scrapheap for too much longer though as Star of the Show Leslie will soon have to pick some more housemates to join her.

The housemates remaining on the scrapheap come Sunday night will face eviction on Wednesday!

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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