Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Frenchy and Leslie Jordan given warnings by BB

Pair kicked off big time in the house yesterday

Angelique Frenchy Morgan CBB 2014

Angelique 'Frenchy' Morgan has been dished out a warning by Big Brother over her behaviour in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house.

It followed a bizarre mini breakdown in the house yesterday which saw her drench the beds in water and trash the storeroom and its food.

Later, she cut up Leslie Jordan's underwear, prompting a huge row between the pair where Leslie branded Frenchy a "stinking French s**t".

It was a comment that saw Leslie also get a talking to from Big Brother.

He said in the Diary Room: "My behavior these last few days has been atrocious, those who know me know it's not me.

"I've not pitched a fit in five years, a hissy fit as we'd say. If my mother sees this she'll find a way to get on UK telly and say, 'Leslie was not raised like this, he was taught respect for others'.

"But someone slices up your underpants that your fiance got you..."

Frenchy aplogised to the group for her actions but her sorry didn't really work, not helped when Stephanie found that she had been hiding the group's mineral water."

Stephanie bitched: "She's not a lady, she's an animal."

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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