Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Leslie Jordan tells Gary Busey to walk after twist

Stephanie Pratt brands Gary an a**ehole

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Leslie Jordan and Gary Busey have clashed after this evening's Celebrity Big Brother 2014 twist.

Earlier tonight, Leslie Jordan was voted the 'Star of the Show' (aka the new Power Housemate).

His first decision as ruler of the roost was to decide which two housemates would be the first to be sent to the scrap heap.

Located in the garden, housemates in the scrap heap have to stay and sleep outside, with no access to other parts of the house. They must wear grubby boiler-suits and eat the scraps of food BB provides.

Oh, and they're up for nomination as well.

Leslie chose Frenchy and Gary to be the first but Gary wasn't having any of it, insisted he wasn't able to go outside.

Gary snapped at Leslie: "It was the wrong thing to do, I'm injured so much."

"How could I have made any other choice?" Leslie asked.

"I've been dead twice, you're putting..." Gary tried to explain.

But Leslie interrupted: "Then why are you here? It's a game."

He added: "You really need to go."

Stephanie then quipped: "You [Gary] get this because you're such an arsehole."

In the end, Gary and Frenchy decamped to the scrap heap where - as of writing - they both remain.

Gary complained: "Stephanie has got to go out of here..."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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