Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Leslie Jordan nominates Gary Busey and Frenchy!

New CBB nominations twist gets underway

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Leslie Jordan has nominated Gary Busey and Frency in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2014 live twist.

During this evening's live show, the results of this week's Big Brother app poll were revealed: All week long, a vote has been running to determine the most entertaining housemate, who would become ‘Star of the Show’.

Tonight, Big Brother revealed that Leslie Jordan had be voted the most entertaining housemate and had become the 'Star of the Show'.

Big Brother then revealed the celebrity scrap heap: Housemates sent to the scrap heap will have to wear drab jumpsuits, sleep outside, eat only the scraps that Big Brother provides and must not leave the scrap heap in the garden until further notice until further notice.

As ruler of the roost, Leslie had to choose two of the other Housemates to send straight to the scrap heap, with Big Brother asking him to pick the two least entertaining housemates.

Leslie named Gary Busey and Angelique 'Frenchy' Morgan, reasoning that the pair were the only two he had rowed with.

However Gary insisted that he couldn't physically get outside.

But Big Brother had more news for the group: The housemates remaining on the scrapheap come Sunday night will face eviction on Wednesday!

A number of other housemates will join Frenchy and Gary on the scrap heap over the next 24 hours.

Later tonight, Big Brother will throw a party for the housemates (excluding the scrap heap housemates, of course) to help Leslie determine who else should be turfed out of the main house and onto the scrap heap.

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