Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Leslie Jordan RAGES as Frenchy trashes food and cuts his clothes

38-year-old Z-lister took scissors to Leslie's underwear

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Another row has erupted through the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house this afternoon after Frenchy trashed the store room.

For reasons unknown, she decided to waste the group's remaining food by pouring it on the floor than stamping on it.

On finding out about the mess, Leslie called a group meeting as Ricci remarked about Frenchy: "What a ****, what an absolute ****."

But Frenchy protested her innocence: "I didn't do anything , I was in the bathroom."

Undeterred, Leslie blasted: "You're a sick, sick b***h. I saw you!

"You're so pathetic, what a sad, sad excuse for a human being."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, I was in the bathroom doing my make up," Frenchy insisted. "I didn't do no nothing with the food."

Lelsie hit back: "I SAW YOU I knew what you were up to!"

As James Jordan escorted an irritated Leslie away, Frenchy asked: "What is he talking about, I have no idea, I was just in the bathroom right now."

But once the other housemates had gone, Frenchy turned to the cameras to reveal: "See, I have some acting skills!"

Meanwhile, Gary jokingly gave Leslie his "permission to start a war"

Later on, Frenchy's reign of terror continued as she poured water over the beds and began cutting up Leslie's clothes.

The petite actor seemed to control his anger, but Gary warned: "If she cuts any of my clothes, she's gone. I mean literally."

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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