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Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

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In tonight's show, it's Day 4 an while most of the Housemates are still in bed, Frenchy and Kellie are by the pool discussing last night’s argument Frenchy had with Leslie.

Frenchy remarks, “We were having so much fun and everyone just ruined it being mad at us” and Kellie suggests she should tell them to wear earplugs.

In the bedroom, Leslie asks, “Did I have a hissy fit or just dream it?” and goes on to say that he is reclaiming the bed from the “evil Queen”. Frenchy enters the bedroom and says she will sleep in the living room before apologising for making noise.

Stephanie, Dee and Kellie discuss Gary in the bedroom. Stephanie says, “He’s so immature. If he’s not hearing something that he wants to hear, he just shuts down” but Kellie says that she “feels sorry for him” and suggests that it’s “just a generation thing…plus the head injury.” She goes on to say, “If I was my old self, Frank Maloney, I’d be encouraging Gary to wind up someone else…that was my nature. I’ve had time to step back and I see things from a different perspective…” Audley then joins the conversation and remarks, “I don’t know Kellie, your tongue is still as fu*king sharp as it’s always been. I’ve heard you over these last few days!” and Kellie jokes, “Audley, I’ve not had a brain transplant, just a body modification!”

By the pool Dee talks about life after Benefits Street and says, “If I could change anything in the world, I’d just want it to go back to how it was before” Audley advises, “You can’t go back, you can only go forward...” Dee explains that she’s lost some important in her life as a result of her success and Audley suggests, “You got chosen, you’ve just got to go with it…”

It’s the second day of this week’s shopping task and Leslie and Kellie have resumed their roles as celebrity agents. They must pick the best screen tests to upload to Big Brother’s social media channels. If these videos get a certain number of hits, the Housemates will be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget.

Claire and Frenchy are both given green suits to wear and both portray CGI monsters. Claire gives it her all and roars as she destroys the toy town. Frenchy doesn’t appear to grasp what it is to be a monster and seems more taken with a toy Barbie.

The next character they both play is a Scottish tree that’s scared of squirrels. Frenchy’s accent leaves a lot to be desired and Claire remarks, “Oh God, this is worse than drama school!” Kellie advises Frenchy not to give up the day job and the agents both pick Claire as the winner.

Dee tells David and Ricci that she “misses her calendars” admitting that she has three Steven Gerrard calendars at home. When David reveals that he is naked in some of his photos, Dee says she wants a copy of his calendar too!

Stephanie is cooking the last of the vegetarian sausages and Gary says, “Those look good…” When Leslie offers him one Stephanie quickly remarks that “there’s not enough” Gary says “Ok I’ll give mine to someone who would like it more” and leaves the kitchen.

Frenchy and Dee discuss the shopping budget and Frenchy is confused by how much they will receive. Kellie makes a comment to which Frenchy replies “I don’t need your advice” Kellie retorts “Don’t start being rude!” and they argue. Frenchy storms off saying, “Just stay away from me forever…I don’t want to talk to her anymore” Kellie jumps up and advises Frenchy, “Be very careful…Don’t cross me” and Dee steps in to diffuse the tension. The argument continues and Kellie jumps up again to tell Frenchy “Turn your fat arse and go over there” Audley breaks the silence by turning to James and saying “I bet you never got this much drama on Strictly!”

Big Brother gathers the Housemates to reveal the results of the shopping task. To pass the task Housemates needed to match or exceed the number of hits Big Brother has set (10,000). As Housemates only got 8,604 hits, they failed the shopping task and must live of a basic budget.

Kellie tells Big Brother that there is “a dark cloud over my head” today, following her argument with Frenchy. She says, “I can’t take her attitude, can’t take her selfishness…she bought the worse side in me out …You can’t talk to someone who’s fully self centred. If I speak to her, I might do something I regret”

Frenchy tells Dee about her earlier argument with Kellie saying, “I could be loud, it would be bad for everyone...but your energy is calm so you calm me” Dee advises her “What you should of done was tell her you didn’t want to speak to her and walk off but you kept coming back”

Lauren tells the Housemates “I think Ricci’s a lovely, lovely boy. A mate forever, but I don’t fancy him. I don’t want him to think anything’s going to happen” Soon after, Ricci walks into the garden and George shouts “Lauren has told everyone she thinks you’re a sort!” Lauren looks embarrassed and walks away.

James tells some of the Housemates that he doesn’t get Frenchy. “I don’t think there are any evil people in this House, however, there are some f**king annoying people in this House”

Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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