Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Frenchy loses it another late night row!

Frenchy kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house last night after deciding to randomly take a shower.

The shower wasn't so much the problem, it was more the ridiculous amount of noise she made fumbling around to get her beauty products.

Whereas a more common sense approach would've been to just take the make up bag outside of the bedroom, Frenchy decided to try and find exactly whats he needed in the pitch black, causing the other housemates to get angry.

After being told to keep it "quiet with the zipping",' Frenchy hit back: "I'm trying to get some beauty products, it's not my fault if there is no light."

"Leave me alone," Frenchy then snapped. "I don't care, I'm going to be loud, loud, loud you want to f**k round I can f**k around really bad."

"Shut the f**k up," one of the other housemates told her.

"I was actually being discrete on purpose, don't tell me what to do," Frenchy replied.

"It ain't f**king working," the other housemates quipped.

Frenchy raged: "If you have something to tell me, tell me to my face not behind my back, don't be fake."

And they did just that, telling the French housemate: "F**k you"

Catch all the latest BBUK highlights tonight from 9PM on Channel 5, plus a LIVE TWIST!.

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