Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Did housemates pass shopping task?

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

The Celebrity Big Brother UK contestants have completed their first shopping task - but did they pass or fail?

For the past two days, Leslie and Kellie have become Celebrity Agents and have been casting for celebrity roles.

For each role, two housemates had to audition audition and Leslie and Kellie had to award one housemate the job. That housemate's audition was then uploaded online.

To pass the task, the uploaded auditions needed to get a number of hits.

The first vacancy to be filled was an advert for ‘Taste Away Toothpaste’, which saw Stephanie and Gary go head to head, having to need to brush their teeth with the toothpaste which is actually wasabi paste.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

The next part of the shopping task saw Lauren and Ricci audition for an advert for the charity – Celebrities Anonymous. They both had to do a charity plea to encourage the public to give £2 a day, because ‘no celebrity should be left alone’.

The third role to be cast was for a male in top physical condition for a part as a gladiator and involved Audley and David.

The task continued earlier today, with Claire and Frenchy becoming CGI actors: Each actor wears a green motion capture suit and was given directions and characters that they must act out.

Next, Deidre and George had to audition for a job which was for the people with possible hidden talents. They tried out for a part in a new talent show in which they attempt to display and find their hidden talents.

Finally, James and Edele competed for a part in a new celebrity reality show: They had to keep dancing or singing no matter what.

The agents named Stephanie, Lauren, Audley, Claire and James as the winners of their respective auditions.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

The chosen audition clips had a total of 8,604 hits.

Housemates needed 10,000 hits to pass the task and so have FAILED.

As a result, they'll have only a basic shopping budget next week.

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