Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Now Frenchy loses it with Kellie Maloney!

There's been little calm in the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house this evening with another argument eurpting from nowhere.

After Gary and Leslie's huge row over CGI (yes, seriously), Kellie Maloney and Frenchy also ended up having a tiff.

And the pair's row was just as bizarre, clashing over White Dee.

Frenchy accused Kellie of interrupting her chat with Dee, but Kellie insisted she was speaking to the Benefits Street star first.

French blew her top with the boxing promoter, declaring: "Just don't talk to me no more."

"I was talking to Dee first, you butted in," Kellie protested.

Flouncing off, Frenchy said: "Just stay away from me forever! Thank you very much."

Later, Dee tried to warn Frenchy about her diva attitude.

She told the Z-lister - who had been budgeting to spend some £150 on organic and vegetarian food for herself - to listen to others more and to, in general, be a bit less selfish.

Frenchy admitted: "I do need to listen a lot, that's my problem, in every day life."

Dee advised: "There's fourteen completely different personalities in here from fourteen completely different walks of lives. Just go with the flow."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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