Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Frenchy fancies Lauren Goodger!

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

CBB 2014 housemate French confesses to a crush on Lauren Goodger in the house tonight.

In this evening's latest highlights show, Frenchy is seen chatting to Edele about Ricci and admits that she fancies the Geordie Shore star.

However, it's not only him she has her eye on, asking the B*Witched singer if Lauren is bi-sexual and open to a girl on girl romance.

Meanwhile, Claire is playing cupid with TOWIE's Lauren by the pool and tells her that although Ricci is trying to fit in with the other boys in the house, he has a ‘sweet heart’ and if she could pick a boy in the house for Lauren, he would be it.

Later on in the evening and there's plenty of flirting going on, as George and Frenchy share a bath with her giving him a French lesson.

The pair's chatter quick turns saucy however and following a brief conversation about foot fetishes, George goes on sucks both Frenchy’s and Kellie’s toes.

Outside and Lauren and Ricci are in the pool talking about the public’s judgement of them after being in reality TV shows.

Lauren says that some of the paparazzi pictures of her have been less than flattering and Ricci reassures her by saying: "I think you’re gorgeous."

Lauren talks about her life with her ex (and fellow TOWIE star) Mark Wright, saying that he told her the sex between them was better than what he had experienced with ‘top models’ and that’s what kept them together for twelve years.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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