Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 3 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Here's a spoiler filled preview of tonight's Celebrity Big brother 2014 highlights.

Audley has a word with George about calling him Audrey. Audley says it is becoming disrespectful. He does this teasingly to George in front of other housemates.

Kellie talks to Edele about her forthcoming operations. Kellie says she needs to have her boobs done and more work on her face before the final operation at the end of the year. Kellie says: ‘Then there will be no stopping me.’

Kellie and Audley talk shop about the nastiness that is prevalent in the boxing industry.

David leads a work out session in the garden. Kellie is worried her ‘hair might come off’ and James is worried that ‘his c**k will come out of his shorts.’ Kellie tells George that he is out of shape and George says that he never has to run unless it’s to the pub or away from the police.

Dee, Stephanie and Kellie watch the Housemates exercise and Claire comments that David is ‘like a coffee table.’

This week’s shopping task sees Celebrity Agents Leslie and Kellie casting for celebrity roles. The Housemate auditions will be put on online and if they get enough hits collectively then they will pass the shopping task. The first advert to be cast is for ‘Taste Away Toothpaste’, which not only keeps your teeth clean but makes hideous food and drink taste delicious. Stephanie and Gary go head to head in the casting for the toothpaste ad in which they need to brush their teeth with the toothpaste which is actually wasabi paste. Then they have to taste, and ‘enjoy’, white wine vinegar, jellied eels, extra hot curry and fishy milkshake. Although Stephanie is actually sick her audition is chosen to be posted online.

Leslie goes to the Diary Room and says: ‘I am suffering from some severe sleep deprivation.’ He says that the bedroom is a cacophony of farting, belching and snoring. Leslie adds that Gary bellows like a calf and his bed-mate, Frenchy, is like a pet rat. He is annoyed that she is constantly applying oils and creams to herself and finds her bedtime routine ‘fascinating but frightening.’

Kellie talks to Claire about her transition. Claire probes her on whether she would be interested in another relationship after her final operation. Kellie says that she still thinks she will be a heterosexual male mentally but isn’t sure if having a relationship with a woman would make her a lesbian. Kellie says that her decision to transition was about gender identity and not about sexual orientation and thinks that she will probably live the rest of her life without a partner.

The next part of the shopping task sees Lauren and Ricci audition for an advert for the charity – Celebrities Anonymous. They both have to do a charity plea to encourage the public to give £2 a day, because ‘no celebrity should be left alone’. After a rocky start Ricci hams it up nicely but even though Lauren has trouble with her lines she comes closest to real tears and secures the job.

After the task, Lauren talks to the other Housemates about the pitfalls of being in the public eye and says even when she does a nice thing, like going to a charity event, all the press ever focus on is what she’s wearing.

Leslie tells some of the housemates about a script idea that involved ‘the bi-curious case of Benjamin B**t-Hole.’ Whilst telling them the anecdote Gary needs more explanation and ruins Leslie’s flow as Gary tells him not to laugh when he’s explaining it to him. As Gary walks away Leslie says: ‘I hate him with a passion, he’s gotta go.’

The next role to be cast in today’s task is for a male in top physical condition for a part as a gladiator. The Housemates trying out for the part are Audley and David. Kellie and Leslie must judge their poses and battle stances. Leslie is in his element in this task and says of David: ‘I am an ageing homosexual who has been blessed with a very deep appreciation of beauty and this is a work of art.’ But in the end they award Audley the role.

At 3am Lauren and Frenchy wake everyone the other Housemates by coming to bed noisily. Leslie talks to Big Brother saying: ‘It’s absolute insanity, it hasn’t stopped. I haven’t slept in three nights.’ He adds that: ‘The little french girl’s gotta go.’ He then goes to confront Frenchy for being ‘selfish’ and tells her to ‘shut her trap’ when she defends herself. He then gives up and goes to sleep in the pod.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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