Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Leslie Jordan kicks off with Lauren Goodger

3AM row in the CBB bedroom

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Leslie Jordan had some harsh words for a few of his fellow Celebrity Big Brother 2014 housemates last night.

After their topless pool antics, a very drunk Lauren Goodger, Frenchy and Ricci Guarnaccio stumbled their way into the bedroom.

It had gone 3AM but the trio were not being as quiet as the could be, giggling, shouting and laughing as they got ready to bed.

The group jumped around the room with Lauren showing off a bizarre belly dancing, holding a cup above her head.

With the commotion waking up most of the other housemates, angry Leslie confronted the group.

"It's time to have a talk about respect for others," he said.

lauren goodger1

As they tried to defend themselves, Leslie snapped: "Shut your mouth, it's my time to talk.

"When you come through the door you shut your trap, you don't crawl over me, it's 3 in the morning.

"You are selfish, that's rude! You're in here raising hell, it's non stop."

He concluded: "It's just about respect for others. Once the alcohol starts it's ridiculous."

With Lauren sitting in bed giggling, Leslie then decided to remove himself from the situation entirely by going to sleep outside in the pod.

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