Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Stephanie Pratt hits out at "selfish" Frenchy

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Angelique 'Frenchy' Morgan has been winding up some of her fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates.

The reality star's ridiculous pampering routines and 'diva' demands have made her at least two enemies in the house already.

Speaking to Leslie Jordan tonight, Stephanie Pratt complained: "I'm having the best time,,I am but... it's just, I think the one who's starting to get on my nerves is Frenchy, it is so selfish."

For former Made In Chelsea cast member Stephanie, it was Frenchy's diet requirements that were annoying her: "We shouldn't all have to make sure she gets her own vegetarian meal, she should cook her own if she wants it.

"She's not a team player."

American actor Leslie had his own problems with the exotic dancer, telling Stephanie: "It's not that I dislike her, she is non... she has aromatherapy bars!"

Leslie complained about being repeatedly awoken in the night as Frenchy touched up her lips and smothered lavender oils on her face.

He moaned: "And then in the morning she'll ask 'Did I keep you up?'! I want to say yeah... but I don't, I say 'Oh no honey, you don't keep me up.'"

Meanwhile, in the bath, Frenchy had her own things to say about Stephanie.

"I know she's [Stephanie] completely fake with me," she told Edele, " I just feel it, it's not even I think it, I just feel it... We have nothing in common."

It seems that the first nominations can't come soon enough for the group...

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