Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Now David McIntosh rows with Gary Busey!

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

After yesterday's tense clash between James Jordan and Gary Busey, the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house saw more rows tonight.

And this one had to do with so-called 'Shh-ing'.

David McIntosh was left wound up by Gary apparently continuing interrupting him and other housemates by 'Shh-ing' them.

"Don't tell someone to shh," David snapped at Gary, "Don't speak to me and I won't speak to you, shut up."

"I just don't understand you," a puzzled Gary replied.

"Just stop putting your figure in my face," David told him.

James Jordan tried to defuse the tension by explaining to Gary: "For us, we're all strong characters but if someone tells me or him [David] to shh, it's rude."

"I'm not going it that way," Gary responded, "I don't understand that no freedom of speech, not here."

James continued: "You're 70 years old but you can still be educating by someone younger, in this country you don't 'Shh' people.

"You seem like a funny, nice guy but the only thing we won't accept is 'Shh-ing'."

Gary insisted: "I'm not shh-ing people, I'm being interrupted."

James told the Hollywood actor: "It comes across really rude, we're not trying to be rude or mean to you, just don't tell us to 'Shh'"

In last night's show, Stephanie Pratt told Big Brother that the relaxed house was all getting along... aside from Gary.

The American Made In Chelsea star suggested that a big blow out between Gary and someone was coming, and declared that if there were nominations tonight, everyone would nominate Gary.

CBB continues nightly on Channel 5.

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