Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Audley Harrison gets angry with George Gibley

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

There was some tension in the CBB house over breakfast today as Gogglebox's George Gibley wound up Audley Harrison.

In a David v Goliath battle, George backed down after Audley branded him "disrespectful".

It had started last night with George calling Audley Audrey, first by accident but then on purpose, to laughs from the other housemates.

But pro boxer Audley didn't take too kindly to his new moniker and took up the issue with George in the house today.

"It's getting a bit disrespectful," he told him, "If you keep going on, it's getting disrespectful, and if I got the other way, you can't blame me, you can't really blame me."

George replied: "I promise I'll call you Audley."

But, with some encouragement from jokers James Jordan and David McIntosh, George added: "Mr Audley."

Audley snapped: "No, that's stupid.

"Audley by name, if you call me as anything else I'm going to take it as disrespectful."

We've got a feeling that George may think twice before winding up Audley again...

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