Celebrity Big Brother 2014: David McIntosh wants to become an A lister

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Celebrity Big Brother housemate David McIntosh is hoping that the show will turn him into an A-list star.

The former Gladiator, known to most of us as Kelly Brook's boyfriend, wants to become "bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger."

David, also known by his alter ego Tornado, has it all planned out.

Or at least, so he says.

"The David McIntosh world domination blueprints are ready to go," he said, seriously referring to himself in the third person.

The 27-year-old told The Sun newspaper before entering the house on Monday night: “It’s exciting.

"I feel a lot of the negative energy from people has been turned into positive energy. I want to keep changing that."

He added: “I know people think I’m a prat who wears tight clothes but I hope they realise I’m a genuine guy — who just has a ridiculously ripped body sent gifted by the Spartan gods of old.”

Talking of his future career plans after the show, David also said: “I am a good actor. I’ve got an agent sorting me auditions out.

"I will be bigger than Arnie. He’s always been a hero of mine.”

However just two days into the house, David's rather hyper attitude is rubbing some of his fellow housemates up the wrong way.

Strictly dancer James Jordan claimed that he was 'trying too hard' in a chat with Big Brother this evening.

The show continues tonight on Channel 5.

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