Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers! Day 2 recap and highlights

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Here's your daily recap of goings on in the CBB house ahead of tonight's highlights show.

It’s the first full day in the Celebrity Big Brother house and Kellie and Dee are bonding.

Kellie asks Dee if being on TV has changed her life and Dee says yes, some good ways and some negative.

Kellie says that she can’t believe the reception she got coming into the Celebrity Big Brother house, she tells Dee that for most of her life she wanted to beat her gender issues.

Dee asks her if she feels like she has won. Kellie replies that she feels she has won and lost at the same time. Kellie adds: ‘Frank wasn’t a bad person.’ She also says that she has tried to make her children understand that she is always going to be their dad, just their dad in a frock.

Gary talks to Big Brother and says that being in the house is the best time he’s had in his seventy years. He says: ‘It’s a unique and special place to be with thirteen wonderful people with solid identities and big hearts.’ He goes on to say that he has thirteen sub-personality parts and they’re all alive and well and having fun. He also says that he wants to give people a good feeling about themselves.

Audley and Kellie work out in the garden and Kellie offers Audley some boxing advice, to not box on his back foot.

James and George make tea for ‘the Duchess’ and Frenchy remarks that she thinks that George is ‘sophisticated.’

Gary has trouble understanding Frenchy and tells her to speak more slowly.

The Duchess is served breakfast by her butler. Audley berates the butler for burning the toast but the Duchess maintains that she likes a ‘bit of colour on her bread’.

Gary seems interested in the Duchess’ black pudding and James and Stephanie try to explain what it is. Gary wants to know what it will do to his genitalia.

David and Stephanie have a ‘plank off’ overlooked by motivator, Audley. David wins. Gary comes in in a wig asked if anyone has seen Gary Busey.

Kellie and Leslie share stories and Kellie says that training and walking are the only things that keep him calm. Leslie tells him that activity has helped him through his eighteen years of sobriety.

Audley tells Edele and Lauren that he comes from the ghetto, only having a loaf of bread for the whole family to becoming a self made man. He tells them he had a problem with gambling and some people might say he had a nervous breakdown but he calls it a spiritual awakening.

For the last part of the Duchess task, Dee must test if any of the American Housemates believe her ruse by accepting the title of ‘Viscountess of Solihull’. She honours Frenchy with the title and she gratefully accepts. Frenchy tells Big Brother that it is an honour but does she have to keep her clothes on as a Viscountess?

Big Brother gathers the Housemates and tells them that there is an imposter in their midst. Dee reveals herself to be a commoner. Some of the Housemates look genuinely surprised and for passing the task the whole house will be rewarded with a ‘right royal knees up.’

Kellie asks Stephanie if she had a wild childhood. Stephanie tells her that she did, getting tattoos and always getting in trouble. Kellie says that her youngest daughter is getting a little bit wild and wants piercings but Kellie has said not before she is eighteen. Stephanie asks if Kellie lives with her children and Kellie replies she doesn’t but speaks to them both every day.

During the royal dinner, Leslie says that he did believe that Dee was a Duchess and lived in an ancestral home with her corgis and never got to meet fun people like the Housemates. He now feels like a ‘dufus.’

Ricci and David talk about the girls in the house and David says that Lauren and Stephanie will be fighting over Ricci as the only single guy.

Dee talks to Big Brother and says she feels more comfortable in the house than she thought she would and that she hasn’t laughed so much in so long. She says it is weird Audley Harrison making her chicken and that she thinks Kellie is one of the bravest people she has ever met. She also says she was a bit worried about Gary yesterday but he is having a much better day today and that she thinks he is weird but only in an eccentric way.

Lauren and Ricci have a flirt at the dinner table and Ricci says: ‘C’est la vie.’ He clarifies with Frenchy what it means.

Some of the Housemates are in the garden playing scissors, paper, stone. The loser has to get into bed with Gary, who is asleep. Ricci loses and has to get into bed with a sleeping Gary who then wakes up and looks a bit confused.

Stephanie asks George who he would rather have kill him, David or Gary. George says both as then it would be over quickly.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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