Celebrity Big Brother 2014: White Dee under attack from Benefits Street co-stars

White Dee Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

CBB 2014 housemate White Dee has found herself coming under attack from her former Benefits Street co-stars.

Since appearing on the Channel 4 series back in January, Dee has seen her profile rocket, reportedly getting some £100,000 for this year's CBB series.

But it's not left all of her neighbours happy, with so-called 'Black Dee' claiming that she's 'sold out'.

Former friend Black Dee - real name Samora Roberts - hit out at White Dee, aka Deirdre Kelly, after confirmation of her role in CBB broke.

"She’ll be herself but won’t be herself because I don’t know her no more. No hating on her, she can get as far as she pleases," she said. "Love Productions is a lie, she’s a sell-out. It was never about benefits, end of. It was about community, that’s why we participated.

"I wouldn’t want nothing from some people who stabbed us in our heart.

"No, I wouldn’t go on Big Brother."

But others who know Dee have defended her.

20-year-old Georgia-Mae Pearson told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "We had a long discussion about it and I said, ‘If you were so famous wouldn’t you move one day?’ and she said ‘No’ because she’s normal and people like normal.

"She’s not some big-busted model trying to get five minutes of fame. She’s just going on there to prove normal people are still normal people. No matter where they’re going, they know where they came from."

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