Celebrity Big Brother 2014 spoilers: Did White Dee pass her secret task?

White Dee Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

White Dee's secret task in the Celebrity Big Brother house is over - but did she pass?

After the first four celebrity housemates entered in last night's live launch - Dee, James, Claire and David - Dee was called to the Diary Room.

As part of a secret mission, she was told she had to convince some of the Housemates that she is “Deidre, the Duchess of Solihull”

After most of the new Housemates have arrived, Big Brother gathered them on the sofa and let them in on Dee’s secret mission.

Only the final three housemates - Leslie, Gary and French - weren't in on the task.

Over the past 24 hours, BB has helped Dee paint an image of a royal, providing her with a butler, breakfast in bed, regal trunks of clothes and a visit from her two corgis.

This evening, Big Brother gave the Duchess the chance to award the title of Viscount of Solihull to one of the Housemates she was hoodwinking, picking Frenchy.

As she accepted the award in good grace and really believed that she had become the honorary Viscount of Solihull, Dee had passed the task – and can return to life as Dee from Birmingham.

As a result, the whole house will live a life of luxury this week.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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