Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lauren Goodger gets VERY drunk... and flirty!

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TOWIE's Lauren Goodger gets rather drunk in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother UK.

On her first night in the house, the reality star downs quite a few drinks and ends up getting rather flirty with more than one of her fellow housemates.

In one scene, Lauren asks Ricci if she has a wet bum and asks him to “feel it” which he does, leading to Audley to shout across the room “Find the bedroom!”

Stephanie jokes to the group “Can we all put bets on how long it will take Lauren and Ricci to hook up?” while Edele observes: “Lauren is quite flirtatious when she’s drunk”

But later, Lauren and George are in the kitchen, Lauren observes that David is “hot” but then asks George if she looks ugly.

He replies “No, you never look ugly”

Lauren then pleads “I want to be sober now”, as George responds, “I want to be as drunk as you!”

They laugh and hug as Lauren says “I’m so glad you’re here”

Meanwhile, Ricci and Dee reflect on their first night and she observes that “George is making a move on Lauren”

However while it seems that some housemates have really hit it off, conflict looks to be only around the corner.

In the Diary Room, Strictly's James Jordan complains that of both David and Ricci, saying that the pair are “trying too hard”

CBB airs this evening from 10PM on Channel 5.

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