CBB 2014: Kellie Maloney wanted to quit and cried before entering

Kellie Maloney CBB 2014

Kellie Maloney has revealed how she broke down just moments before entering the CBB UK house last night.

The former boxing promoter, formerly known as Frank, also wanted to back out of the show.

In tonight's show, Kellie and Dee speak about entering and Kellie admits: “I wanted to transition very privately…I’m a very private person…Tonight, an hour before I came in here, I was ‘I can’t do this’ I cracked, I was crying”

Dee agrees, saying, “We’re just normal people…this is the thing that’s going to put you on the map as Kellie…This is your new start.”

But while Dee and Kellie find adjusting to life in Big Brother hard going, others take it to like a duck to water.

Claire asks Frenchy why she is in the show and she suggests it’s because she likes to get naked and “I’m plastic fantastic!”

While TOWIE's Lauren Goodger ends up getting VERY drunk in her first night inside the house.

Catch all the action from 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of tonight's show below...

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